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The Wizarding Adventure of Harry Potter.

If you don’t know me personally, I am a huge, nerdy Harry Potter fan. I cried at the end of the Deathly Hollows movie because it was the end of my childhood. So this post is for all you, like me, who want to combine two loves. Harry Potter and traveling. Not a very hard task if you ask me.

As you should all know, Harry Potter was written and filmed in the beautiful (yet sometimes gloomy) Great Britain. I would give up a fully paid trip to Harry Potter World in Orlando to scrap together money in order to take the Harry Potter self-guided tour of Great Britain.

Who needs tour groups? I definitely don’t.

Here’s my plan.

I want to start off in Scotland. I know a few of the scenes were filmed in Scotland so it sounds like a great starting place. Also, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Satelliteb6acThis just happens to be the famous bridge the Hogwarts Express crosses every year on its way to Hogwarts (in reality it’s Glenfinnan Viaduct). Located in between Fort William and Mallaig, Scotland.

Another scene of Scotland related to Harry Potter is Glencoe. Dramatic scenes of Hogwarts, sign me up! Steal Falls, used for the Tri-Wizard Tournament, let’s go! Fun fact, the area was also used for Braveheart.

Moving onto England. The bulk of the Harry Potter adventure. From the countryside to London, Harry Potter was mainly filmed here.

On this lovely little list from VisitBritain, we have castles and markets and King’s Cross and the London Zoo.

1. Durham Cathedral: one of the locations used as Hogwarts, exterior and interior scenes

2. Bodleian Library: used as the Hogwarts library and infirmary

3. Alnwick Castle: exterior  and courtyard was used for the flying lesson scene in the Sorcerer’s Stone

4. Leadenhall Market: the exterior of an optical shop was used as the entrance for the Leaky Cauldron

5. King’s Cross Station: I don’t even think I have to talk about this one (Platform 9 and 3/4 duh!)

6. The Reptile House of the London Zoo: another self-explanatory location (our first experience with Harry the parseltongue)

7. Glouchester Cathedral: another location used as Hogwarts castle


And for our last stop along the way. Wales. It might also be the coolest location.

Freshwater West. Shell Cottage.WV14_0002_HarryPotterShellCottageFreshwater_16x9

This is the hideaway of Harry and pals in the Deathly Hallows. This is also where Dobby is buried (yes I definitely cried at this scene).

The cottage was built specifically for Harry Potter but I would have gone hear even if it had no ties to HP.


So I just found these locations from a couple different websites but I would love love love if anyone could help me out and give me more locations you think it’s worth visiting in relation to Harry Potter, both book and movie.

I look forward to hearing for you awesome HP nerds.

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I got 99 problems and money is all of them.

Yes, I just made a Jay-Z reference but whatever, that title is nothing but the truth. I love the thought of traveling near and far but the thought of spending the money I work my butt off for is terrifying.

So here I am to teach myself and maybe some of you guys the best ways to save money for and during vacations.

Saving money kind of sucks. Especially for someone like myself. I like to splurge on myself every once in a while. I guess I could consider a vacation a splurge but that’s a HUGE one. I found this blog that talks about how to cut some things out and save money for traveling. I love the ideas he has, like cutting out Starbucks and clipping coupons, but there is no way you’ll get me to ditch my beloved iPhone. Never happening. I’d rather sell all of my furniture then get rid of my phone. Plus it’s useful overseas. Has he heard of Viber?

And now the planning process. The best part (not). This list gives “smart” tricks for saving money. I’m using the term smart only because they did. The first tip. Buy another seat next to yours. I can hardly afford the first seat, what makes you think I can buy another? All for more leg room. No thanks, I’ll take the cramped seat next to a crying baby before shelling out another few hundred. Their only useful piece of advice is to eat in.

What’s one thing you never think about before traveling? Scams? Yeah, me either. Thrillist came up with the most common travel scams. I had no idea most of these existed. Scary stuff. The craziest is probably the fake Red Cross credentials! Are people really that into stealing money that they would go that far into detail? Apparently people are getting really creative when it comes to scamming tourists. Watch out!

Let’s talk about free stuff being the best stuff. Again, Thrillist came out with a list. This time of FREE things to do around the world. The coolest of all of them. Ruin Bars in Budapest. I would totally do every single thing on this list and it’s not just because they’re free. The couch surfing may be the hardest for me to build up the courage to do but let’s go. Now.

Back to my iPhone, I’m always looking at the apps they have for travelers. Budget Travel complied the 10 best apps to save time and money. Not all of them are free but it’s only a few bucks at most. Aside from Evernote, the apps are all travel-based. I’ve never used any of them, so I can’t really give any opinion but I’ll definitely test them out when I actually start traveling.

So I learned a lot more than I thought I was going to reading all this stuff, especially the scams article. Hopefully you and I will take all this awesome information and do some traveling with it. I know I will be. Maybe not anytime soon but I’m planning, don’t worry.

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