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I have the opportunity to co-author a blog with a funny guy Robert. We are big people watchers and love seeing people do stupid stuff! So we decided to make it into the mecca of stupid people doing stupid stuff. We’ll be posting this week about working as a server, written by yours truly. In a restaurant full of old people. Check it out if you will!


Three Hours in Vegas. Alone.

Everyone else at the trade show had been to Las Vegas at least half a dozen times . Except me. Newly 21, I wanted to see everything – the Streetmosphere, Caesar’s Palace, the sign, the rollercoaster, the blackjack tables.

I spent three days in the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was fun but time was slipping away (as it always does) and I barely stepped foot on the Strip. I did not know when I would be in Vegas again and I wanted to make the most of it.

On the final day, my supervisor told me that I was allowed leave a bit early. “You just need to be back by 4,” she told me.

I had my backpack with a change of clothes and camera. I grabbed it and practically sprinted onto the monorail. I had three hours and Las Vegas at my disposal – What was first?

My stomach answered that and went off to Paris for a quick bite. The casino was decked out with realistic Parisian architecture and city details such as streetlights and cobblestones.

Walking through the casinos and the strip, I became more aware of how I was in Vegas alone. It kept running through my head. I didn’t have my parents. I didn’t have a group to stick with. I didn’t have to convince anyone to go to Margaritaville to could grab a souvenir. If I wanted a different angle of the Caesar’s Palace, I could get one.

Being alone in the city was liberating.

With an hour left, I checked how often the Bellagio fountains went off. Every half hour from 3-8 pm. I waited in the shade for it to start. A group of college kids from Arizona eventually joined me.

Talking stopped when Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” began to play. Quickly, I grabbed my camera to record it. Squirts of water danced with the music. I was so impressed! At the chorus, water burst high into the sky. People were singing and dancing along. I stopped filming halfway through only to enjoy the moment. “Billie Jean” ended and the crowd dispersed.

I then followed my steps back towards the center. I have a feeling that I would find myself in Vegas again some day.

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Fitness for Travel

I love that Ellie keeps us updated on her progress for getting in shape.
Ellie, I really enjoy how honest you are. You are not afraid to admit that you bought Weight Watchers cake and proceeded to eat three out of five of the cakes.


Keep up the awesome posts and don’t forget to keep on working towards your goals!

Thanks for the funny and real posts about fitness!

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Solo Travel vs Couple Travel: Which is better? 

I am constantly thinking about what it would be like traveling with my boyfriend. Thanks for this!

Little Grey Box

I’ve travelled solo and travelled as part of a couple. While both of them have been awesome in their own right, they’re completely different and impacted me in different ways. But, which one was better? Today I share my experiences with both, what I got out of each one and my thoughts on which one I’m planning on doing more of…

Solo Travel 

Like a lot of people I went travelling because my head and my heart were a complete mess. I needed some time and space to sort myself out and I felt like I needed something big to happen in my life. I needed a big change, a huge adventure and something to rip me out of my normal life and into something completely different. A solo trip to Europe will do all those things for you.

Travelling solo for the first time was really scary to begin…

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

My sister studied at UPenn for six years getting her doctorate in Immunology. I loved visiting her in Philly, the city of brotherly love.

I got there usually by train but once took a plane because it was faster and cheaper. I was sixteen and alone.

My mom dropped me off at Logan Airport but couldn’t stay long nor could she come further than the small lobby. As soon as she got into the car again, I began to sweat and my breathing was heavy. I hardly made my way to security and got in a very long line. That only made it worse. My palms were sweaty. My mouth was dry. I was staring at the TSA man praying that nothing would go wrong. What if my ticket was wrong? What if I set off the metal detector? Every inch closer to the huge and terrifying machine made my knees grow weaker and my throat grow tighter.

I made it through security but then had to wait for the plane to board. My palms only became sweatier and my foot began shaking. Finally my number is called. I board the plane and take a seat with no one around me. Take off and landing only made things worse.

The only relief I had was getting into the car with my sister.

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Until We Meet Again

Driving down Route 16 in New Hampshire,it’s early 2000s and I am a young girl around 8. I’m taking in everything I possibly can. The houses. The stores. The crazy amount of people. There’s one main strip of activity then all of a sudden, it’s gone. The view becomes trees and mountains, not restaurants and storefronts. A slight right turn on to Route 16A then a right onto a small dirt road and the moment is finally here. We have finally arrived at the house of my dreams. Cabin style and in the middle of no where of New Hampshire. Although it’s just about 5 minutes from the hustle and bustle of North Conway, this house is quiet and secluded.

Everything is so new to me. The smell of the air. The lifestyle of relaxed and slow-moving. We have no plans or schedule, we’re taking the day as it goes. My whole family is unfamiliar to the area so we try everything we can in one day. We walk around the outlet shops. We go swimming in the river. We eat dinner in town. We spend the week exploring this uncharted area (by Angelosanto standards) figuring out the best route home, the cheapest grocery store, and where the best ice cream is.

So we’re there in Intervale, NH and I’m officially in love. I’m in love with the mountains. The rivers. The lakes. The strange people who hang around town.

Then as quick as the week came, it is over. We have to pack up the car. Shut off the house electricity. Fill up the gas tank. And make our way back to Boston, where there is no taking the day as it comes.

A two and a half hour drive and we’re back to reality. But I’m still dreaming of swimming in Echo Lake and hiking on the Kancamangus Highway. All I can think about in school that Fall is “until we meet again, Intervale”.

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Nature’s Fireworks

Aurora Borealis


Aurora Borealis.

The Sun’s radiation reacting with the Earth’s magnetic field, to put it in a scientific way.

Beautifully dancing lights illuminating the northern skies, to a person like me.


This is definitely one of my destinations. And it’s honestly not too far from New England. I’d love to go to Iceland but Nova Scotia will work for me. Anywhere I can get my eyes on it will work. I just need to see it. And soon.


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Water Power

IMG_1176Waterfalls. The sound that can take you anywhere.

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The Ocean

IMG_1176A river seems to flow forever. But it has to end somewhere.

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