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Flying South for the Weekend

“Thank you for flying United Airlines. We have now arrived at South Carolina’s Charleston International Airport.” came through the intercom just as the wheels hit the ground of the tarmac.


All of this started when my sister told me she was going to South Carolina in May. I was pretty jealous and mad she didn’t invite me so I made some snarky remark of “Why didn’t you invite me jerk?”. This prompted her to ask if I really wanted to come.

Then last week, she texted me to ask if I was still interested in going and that she convinced mom to pay for the flight as a graduation present (I was so down for someone else paying). I obviously agreed to take my mom up on that offer and my tickets were booked the next day.

So two weeks after I become a legitimate adult (scary thought), I will be flying to Charleston, SC and frolicking around the city with my sister and her friend. My first trip of the year!

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An Virtual Travel Buddy

I just recently started following this blog and did very little back tracking to find out why exactly I did. She is the type of girl I want to help plan my travels. The post that stuck out to me was “Six ways to see the world”. She just gets it. The fact that there is not enough time to see the world but you can definitely try.

Ellie, I just have a few questions.

When you worked abroad, how did you deal with your life at home? Your family? Your living situation?

I’m super close with my family and I don’t think I would be able to work abroad. It feels a little too permanent to me.

What would you suggest for an American who can’t really go on city breaks?

I wish America was like Europe where you could take a weekend off and go to a different country. I take a weekend off and hardly leave the state I’m in.


Thank you Ellie for your great writing and help!

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Ugly No More

Most, if not all, Americans will not argue with you when you say America is an amazing country. We are a proud bunch of people who love to promote our country and we don’t mind boasting about our victories. Some of us also love to travel the world and see how other countries are proud. More often than not, these two characteristics will clash.

Think of a tourist. They’re typically not hard to spot, with fancy new sneakers, backpacks, and a camera around their neck. Being from Boston, we have this fun little game called “spot the tourist”. Over the summer it’s too easy to find those lost looking tourist dressed like fools.

Throughout Europe and other popular travel destinations, we have become know as the “Ugly American”. We are loud, casually dressed complainers whose culture is represented by pop icons such as Britney Spears and the Kardashians. Even Americans have named themselves as the worst tourists, and admit to stealing hotel towels.

Travelers have resorted to tell locals that they are Canadians, because they are known as nice and polite. They will avoid, at all the costs, the signs of being an “Ugly American”. They attempt to dress similarly and blend into the country. Bloggers and reporters have even started giving tips to help avoid the stereotypes.

Good news for Americans though! We are finally starting to actually blend into the other countries because of other tourists. And those tips are helping. We are conscientiously trying to not come off as the “Ugly Americans”. We have also given up that desire to take America with us on our travels. We are opening up and trying new things.

Americans can rejoice and say that the “Ugly American” is a dying breed.

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The Traveling Outsider

Traveling is a constant feeling of being on the outside, looking in. Every new place you travel to, you’re discovering new territory to you. You become submerged in a new culture, even if you’re traveling to the next state over. They do things differently than you and always will. But that’s also the best part of being on the outside, looking in. You start to see things differently in life because you have seen other lifestyles of those cultures that many people won’t have the chance to see.

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