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Flying South for the Weekend

“Thank you for flying United Airlines. We have now arrived at South Carolina’s Charleston International Airport.” came through the intercom just as the wheels hit the ground of the tarmac.


All of this started when my sister told me she was going to South Carolina in May. I was pretty jealous and mad she didn’t invite me so I made some snarky remark of “Why didn’t you invite me jerk?”. This prompted her to ask if I really wanted to come.

Then last week, she texted me to ask if I was still interested in going and that she convinced mom to pay for the flight as a graduation present (I was so down for someone else paying). I obviously agreed to take my mom up on that offer and my tickets were booked the next day.

So two weeks after I become a legitimate adult (scary thought), I will be flying to Charleston, SC and frolicking around the city with my sister and her friend. My first trip of the year!

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Until We Meet Again

Driving down Route 16 in New Hampshire,it’s early 2000s and I am a young girl around 8. I’m taking in everything I possibly can. The houses. The stores. The crazy amount of people. There’s one main strip of activity then all of a sudden, it’s gone. The view becomes trees and mountains, not restaurants and storefronts. A slight right turn on to Route 16A then a right onto a small dirt road and the moment is finally here. We have finally arrived at the house of my dreams. Cabin style and in the middle of no where of New Hampshire. Although it’s just about 5 minutes from the hustle and bustle of North Conway, this house is quiet and secluded.

Everything is so new to me. The smell of the air. The lifestyle of relaxed and slow-moving. We have no plans or schedule, we’re taking the day as it goes. My whole family is unfamiliar to the area so we try everything we can in one day. We walk around the outlet shops. We go swimming in the river. We eat dinner in town. We spend the week exploring this uncharted area (by Angelosanto standards) figuring out the best route home, the cheapest grocery store, and where the best ice cream is.

So we’re there in Intervale, NH and I’m officially in love. I’m in love with the mountains. The rivers. The lakes. The strange people who hang around town.

Then as quick as the week came, it is over. We have to pack up the car. Shut off the house electricity. Fill up the gas tank. And make our way back to Boston, where there is no taking the day as it comes.

A two and a half hour drive and we’re back to reality. But I’m still dreaming of swimming in Echo Lake and hiking on the Kancamangus Highway. All I can think about in school that Fall is “until we meet again, Intervale”.

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Nature’s Fireworks

Aurora Borealis


Aurora Borealis.

The Sun’s radiation reacting with the Earth’s magnetic field, to put it in a scientific way.

Beautifully dancing lights illuminating the northern skies, to a person like me.


This is definitely one of my destinations. And it’s honestly not too far from New England. I’d love to go to Iceland but Nova Scotia will work for me. Anywhere I can get my eyes on it will work. I just need to see it. And soon.


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